Madame Alexander Doll Club Conventions

Each summer the Madame Alexander Doll Club holds it annual convention.

It has been in locations all over the continental United States.

During the convention, there are Events, Workshops, Seminars, A Competitive Exhibit, Sales Room, Raffle Room, Special Exhibit and the Annual MADC Meeting. It takes countless volunteers to hold this event, and we are thankful to everyone who helps out with their support.

A look back at past conventions

2023 100 Years of Madame
Indianapolis, Indiana
Chairman: Sue Via

2022 Return to the Classics
Spokane, Washington
Chairman: Michael Manzini

2020/2021 Meet Me in the Mitten-Sailing the Great Lakes
Troy, Michigan
Chairman: Jan McIntyre

2019 A Walk in the Garden
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Chairman: Barbara Arnold

2018 Childhood Reflections
Salt Lake City, Utah
Chairmen: Sandra Smith and Sandy Moore

2017 Sweet on Sweets
Richmond, Virginia
Chairman: Alice Toovey

2016 – Shall We Dance
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Chairman: Barbara Arnold

2015 Bluebonnets, Boots & Big D
Dallas, Texas
Chairmen: Marissa Blalock-Meeks & Pam Blalock

2014 The Pursuit of Happiness
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Chairman: Diane McCarthy

2013 Bourbon & Bluegrass
Louisville, Kentucky
Chairmen: Mary Ann Duffield & Judy Wright

2012 Winning The West
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Chairman: Georgia Shields

2011 Alexander Jubilee - Celebrating 50 years of MADC 1961-2011
Atlanta, Georgia
Chairman: Marsha Hunter

2010 Meet Me in St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri
Chairmen: MADC Board of Directors

2009 Beginning with a Kiss ...Ending with Love
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Chairman: Laura Colpus

2008 Sunsets and Stars
San Diego, California
Chairmen: Cindy DiCaro & Chris Law

2007 A Silver Celebration
New Orleans, Louisiana
Chairmen: Phyllis & Gene West

2006 Inspirations, The Legacy of Madame Alexander
Williamsburg, Virginia
Chairman: Linda Crowsey

2005 California Dreamin'
San Jose, California
Chairmen: Billie Stevens & Georgia Shields

2004 Texas Extravaganza
Ft. Worth, Texas
Chairman: Johnnie Benson

2003 A Southern Garden Party
Savannah, Georgia
Chairman:Marsha Hunter

2002 Through the Looking Glass
Kansas City, Missouri
Chairman: Pat Jahnke

2001 Remember the Ladies
Boston, Massachusetts
Chairman: Laura Colpus

2000 Special Occasions
San Diego, California
Chairman: Billie Stevens

1999 Fun In The Sun
Orlando, Florida
Chairman: LaVeda Davies

1998 Festival of Roses
Portland, Oregon
Chairmen: MADC Board of Directors

1997 A Little Bit Country
Nashville, Tennessee
Chairman: Terri Costa

1996 Glamour 'n Glitz
Las Vegas, Nevada
Chairman: Mary Beth Little

1995 A White House Wedding
Arlington, Virginia
Chairmen: Phyllis & Gene West

1994 Treasures and Superstitions
Phoenix, Arizona
Chairman: Jerri Traw

1993 - Days Gone By
Kansas City, Missouri
Chairmen: Janine Birch & Pat Jahnke

1992 - Glittering Memories
Chicago, Illinois
Chairmen: Joan & Cliff Dixon

1991 - Carolina on My Mind
Charlotte, North Carolina
Chairmen: Anne & Jim Schout

1990 - Jazzin' It Up in New Orleans
New Orleans Louisiana
Evelena Noel

1989 – A World of Fantasy
Los Angeles, California
Chairmen: Kathy Bookstein & Karen Vincent

1988 – Flapper Frolics
Arlington Heights, Illinois
Chairman: Terri Costa

1987 – Deep in the Heart of Texas
San Antonio Texas
Chairman: Tanya McWhorter

1986 – A Return to Tara
Atlanta, Georgia
Chairmen: Marsha Hunter & Patricia Nurse Clark

1985 – Happy Birthday Madame
Bal Harbor, Florida
Chairmen: Mary Hollingsworth & Amber Beeler

1984 - Magical Moments
Itasca, Illinois
Chairmen: Sandy Lueder-Powers & Earl Meisinger

1983 – Once Upon A Time
Merrillville, Indiana
Chairmen: Marie Whitley & Earl Meisinger