About Us


The Madame Alexander Doll Company sanctioned the club's charter in 1961 under the leadership of president Margaret Winson, Missouri.  There were no other officers and the club continued primarily as a correspondence club (500 members) until 1982 when Mrs. Winson retired.  The membership then elected Marie Whiteley president.

 In 1985 bylaws were drafted and ratified by the membership (over 2000).  The club was incorporated (not for profit) in Illinois under the name MADAME ALEXANDER DOLL CLUB.

1986 saw the first Board of Directors installed.  Members elect the Board of Directors.


Study, research, discuss and write about Madame Alexander dolls, to collect and preserve Madame Alexander dolls and to conduct any and all activities that will promote collection of Madame Alexander dolls and related items.


Each year our club hosts a national convention, 2 or 3 Premieres to showcase the new line of Alexander dolls, and many friendship lunches located in different areas of the United States.