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100 Years of Madame
MADC 2023 Convention
Indianapolis, Indiana
June 28th – July 1st, 2023
Chairman: Sue Via

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2023 Premiere

Souvenir Doll - Just Call me Jellie
"Under the Sea"

Photo courtesy of Barbara Lamb

2023 Review Issue 2

Review Editor: Pat Burns

Assistant Editor: Carol Dowdy
Cover: Lia Sargent

Review Issue

Dolls, Friends, Events, The Review

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2007 Convention Souvenir Doll

Silver Celebration

2023 Fall Friendship Luncheons

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Images on our Pages

Images of the dolls on our pages are from the collections of Barbara Lamb, Laura Colpus, Pat Burns, Bruce de Armond, Lorelei Draper and Carol Dowdy.

All images are subject for copyright and are not for publication or use by individuals.

Madame Alexander Doll Club

The Purpose of the Madame Alexander Doll Club is to study, research, discuss and write about Madame Alexander Dolls, to collect and preserve Madame Alexander dolls and to conduct any and all activities that will promote collection of Madame Alexander dolls and related items.

Madame Alexander Doll Club
P.O. Box 57368
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