Membership Family

Membership Family

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Family Membership Category

Families residing at the same mailing address will be able to have a primary member for $55 annually (same benefits as the current MADC membership) and family members. Additional family memberships will be $30 annually. A family member will not receive the Review. Family members will be able to attend MADC functions at a member rate and will be able to purchase limited-edition club dolls.

For Example –

In the Jones Household at 1234 East Hanover Road currently has three MADC members – Karen, Robert and Patty. They receive three copies of the Review and pay $165 annually for dues. They now have the ability to keep Karen as the Primary Member and have a family membership for Robert and Patty. They will receive one issue of the Review and will pay $115 annually for dues. Karen, Robert and Patty will all be able to attend the convention as paid members of MADC and can each purchase a Club Doll.

To register for a family membership, please send all the renewal notices for the household in one envelope. Indicate which membership will be the Primary member and which members will be the additional members. One check can be submitted for all the memberships. Should you wish to continue receiving multiple issues of the Review, you can just pay for each renewal separately, as you have in the past.