Wendy Visits NYC

Wendy Visits NYC

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2018 Premiere Travel Doll

A new Travel Doll has just arrived on the scene.  Her name is "Wendy Visits NYC".  Wendy traveled to New York City in February for Premiere.  The day she arrived in New York City it was a mild day.  But when she awoke the next morning, the temperature had dropped by 30 degrees!  Not to worry, the cold weather did not stop Wendy; she had packed her coat and hat.  Wendy was dressed in a sleeveless pink cotton dress and full petticoat, but she wears her very warm burgundy velvet-like coat and hat over her very full-skirted dress.  She wears her most comfortable Mary Jane suede shoes with white anklets.  Her platinum blonde hair is styled in a retro flip style.  What a stylish girl she is!

Price $240.00

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